Get an SLA-backed, direct connection to Microsoft

With your access to Ruhr-CIX you're able to directly access the Microsoft Azure Peering Service. The service provides highly reliable and optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft's cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), and improves the user experience by offering the shortest network path from your premises to the nearest edge PoP in the Microsoft network. 

Microsoft Azure Peering Service is a carrier-grade interconnection service that has been specifically designed for enterprises.

Latency optimization and traffic monitoring

With the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, Microsoft customers get a qualified validation of the prefix and if the correct edge location from Microsoft is assigned.  

The infrastructure in place is locally redundant towards Microsoft and supports failover across multiple locations (geo redundancy). This guarantees a high-performance connectivity with the lowest possible latency. In addition, you can take advantage of Internet latency telemetry and route monitoring, getting alerts for hijacks, leaks, and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) misconfigurations.

Your benefits

  • An optimum network connection to the nearest edge PoP of the Microsoft network
  • A future-ready and scalable solution, adjustable to changing needs
  • Less performance issues and therefore happier end users
  • Extensive geo redundancy through connections to multiple Microsoft routers
  • A guaranteed DDoS-free connection even for the smallest bandwidths
  • Binding SLAs and supported by Microsoft

No minimum bandwidth required

No minimum bandwidth is required to benefit from the Microsoft Azure Peering Service via Ruhr-CIX but you do need a public ASN (Autonomous System Number) to participate.