Use Ruhr-CIX to peer remotely at additional DE-CIX locations

With the GlobePEER Remote service, networks connected to Ruhr-CIX are able to peer remotely at additional DE-CIX locations. The Ruhr-CIX platform is interconnected with the DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. 

For example, you can peer remotely in Frankfurt with your access at Ruhr-CIX, and reach around 1,000 additional networks

Your benefits

  • 1-day delivery time
  • Fully redundant service
  • Predictable latency and jitter values
  • Flexibility (short cancellation terms)
  • No extra hardware costs
  • No hassle with importing IT equipment
  • One contact, one bill

The available bandwidths range from 0.01 up to 100 GE.

GlobePEER Remote Service Graphic Ruhr-CIX

Peer remotely at additional locations